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Even the nicest guitar can sound horrible when it’s not tuned properly. An electronic tuner (or a tuner app for smartphone) is a good idea, and you should also aim to learn to tune your guitar without a tuner. Using the tuner can help you to know what a well-tuned guitar should sound like. I always check my students’ guitars for proper tuning at the beginning of each lesson. I will help you learn how to use your tuner, and also to tune without it. Sometimes it can be hard to get it right at first, but even if you mess it up, I can tune it back for you the following week and you’ll eventually get the hang of it. There are many videos and online tuners that can help you get in tune as well.

Other Accessories

CAM01757Besides a guitar and a tuner (and possibly an amplifier and a guitar cable in the case of electrics), some other important items are:

  • guitar picks (one package of ordinary medium or thin picks will do)
  • a music stand – easily solves the problem of having to twist around uncomfortably to see your music sitting next to you on the bed or sofa, or trying to balance it on a chair
  • a folder or some way of keeping materials organized
  • one or two sets of extra strings

At some point you may also need a guitar strap to let you play standing up, a hard case or gig bag, a guitar stand, a metronome, and a capo. A capo changes the pitch of the open strings, allowing you to play easily in different keys. They come in many styles—the black item in the photo at right is one example.

Once again, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message through my Contact page.

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