Set-Up Work

I perform routine set-up and maintenance work on electric and steel-string acoustic guitars (Fender, Gibson, Martin and the like). If you are wondering what a “set-up” is and why your guitar would need one, see my note “Regarding Set Up”. To arrange a consultation, or for any related questions, please use my Contact page or send an email to

A basic set-up will likely include the following:

Electric Guitar Set-Up

  • carefully tightening any loose hardwareGuitar Lessons NYC - tune-o-matic
  • cleaning and lubricating truss rod nut
  • cleaning fingerboard and conditioning if needed
  • adjusting the nut (may include lowering slots, polishing slot bottoms, relieving backs of slots, removing excess material from top of nut—if a new nut is needed, see pricing below)Guitar Lessons NYC - saddle shim
  • setting neck relief with the truss rod
  • setting action and intonation at the bridge
  • tremolo setup where applicable
  • adjusting pickup height
  • lubricating moving parts and string contact points
  • cleaning dirty pots and switches
  • general clean-up and restringing

Acoustic Guitar Set-Up

  • tightening any loose tuner screws or bushingsGuitar Lessons NYC - intonating
  • cleaning and lubricating truss rod nut
  • cleaning fingerboard and conditioning if needed
  • adjusting the nut (same as for electric guitar above)
  • setting neck relief with the truss rod
  • setting action (by removing material or adding a shim to the existing saddle—if a new saddle is needed, see pricing below)
  • lubricating nut slots
  • lubricating open-geared tuners
  • general clean-up and restringing

Set-Up Pricing: As instruments vary, so may the price of a set-up, though it is usually around $65, not including the cost of strings. You may provide your own strings, or I will use D’Addario strings of the gauge you prefer.

After a set-up, if at any time during the next 2 months you realize you would like some aspect of the guitar adjusted differently, you can bring it back and I will do my best to help you get it where you want it.


Additional Services (Prices are approximate and may vary for some guitars)

  • hand-carved bone nut – $80Laying out nut - Russell Holland Guitar
  • hand-carved bone saddle for acoustic guitar – $60 for straight saddle / $85 for compensated
  • filing protruding fret ends – $35
  • replacing tuning machines
  • installing new pickups
  • installing strap button, strap lock system, etc.
  • installing new bridge pins and reaming pin holes to matching taper
  • securing loose frets
  • fixing stripped screw holes

Work is done in Bushwick, Guitar lessons nyc - nutBrooklyn. Contact me to arrange a consultation. I am glad to discuss any concerns or requests you have beforehand, and I will ask you to demonstrate (or at least discuss with me) your playing style before I begin a set-up. Before undertaking any work I will give you my opinion of what is needed and an estimate of the cost and how long it will take. If any other unforeseen issues arise, I will discuss them with you before doing any additional work.

I also do more involved work such as refretting, fret leveling, etc. on a case-by-case basis as my schedule allows. Contact me to talk about your guitar’s particular needs.

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